The "Kenneth" brand was founded in 1985 and was founded in Hong Kong by Mr. Yang Ziran, a well-known green environmental advocate in Hong Kong. It mainly introduces green medical and environmentally friendly degradable disposable non-woven "medical insurance products" for the medical industry.
       "Kenneth" brand disposable bed sheets are the most representative medical insurance products. Kenneth bed sheets use the original raw material production formula created by the founder of the brand, Mr. Yang Ziran, and the main raw materials used (one-time use non-woven fabrics) are produced Process deviation is controlled within 1%, each process is 100% tested, and the pass rate of raw materials reaches more than 99.99%. The production process of Kenneth bed sheets is completed in the 100,000-grade purification workshop, and all testing items are completed in the 100-stage purification test center; ingenuity manufacturing is one of the unique characteristics of Kenneth bed sheets. Kenneth sheets are also 100% degradable


 Founded in 2001, SHANGHAI J&C INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has more than ten years of sales history of imported catering equipment and independent research and development production plants. The AMERICHEF KITCHEN brand is a registered trademark of CHANGZHOU AMERICHEF KITCHEN EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SHANGHAI J&C INDUSTRY CO., LTD. and I have been checking the business philosophy of “continuous innovation and customer service improvement”.
In the "integrity, professional, efficient, pragmatic" professional attitude, and strive to improve customer satisfaction.

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Durable stainless steel construction with two layers of insulation inside and outside to preserve the freshness, taste and temperature of the food.


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Step water heating technology, microcomputer program automatic control


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Modern interior design as an emerging discipline, although it is only a matter of decades, people consciously
The interior of the living and production activities is arranged and even beautified and decorated to give the indoor environment an imperceptible atmosphere.

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